After the Vultures show at Burning Lake several of our members tried out for the Virtual Thunderbirds. Arrow, Samoht and Buttski, tried out for and were accepted into the Virtual Thunderbirds.They have now flown several shows with the Virtual Thunderbirds with Arrow as the flight lead and Samoht and Buttski as the left and right wing pilots in the diamond.

The Virtual Thunderbirds, LLC is a fan based group, widely recognized on the net as the virtual equivalent of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. They perform formation flying and precision aerobatics with the use of flight simulators. Their mission is to reenact the aerial demonstration of the USAF Thunderbirds, past and present. This includes adhering to the real world radio calls, maneuver parameters and procedures, professionalism, and unbelievable attention to detail, a trademark the USAF Thunderbirds have been known for throughout its history since 1953. Many of the Virtual Thunderbird pilots are also real world aviators with several thousand hours of flying experience, however, this is not a requirement to become a Virtual Thunderbird. They encourage aviation enthusiasts with passion for flying to tryout for the team.

The Vultures flight lead, DanoBuz began flying with the Blue Spectres for the Virtual Festival of Aerobatic teams in 2018. The Virtual Blue Spectres are a virtual aerobatic team aimed at performing for audiences both outside and a part of the DCS community through virtual aerobatic events similar to that of VUAF and VFAT. First formed in 2015, the Spectres' main mission is to encourage, inspire and motivate virtual air show enthusiasts following an aviation-driven passion about the creative opportunities given through the incredible community and world of flight simulator aerobatics.