The Team

The Virtual Vultures are a group of aviation enthusiasts who use Digital Combat Simulator to practice and fly formation aerobatics online. We use real world techniques and training in combination with virtual reality headsets to achieve the most realistic and accurate formation flying possible without actually flying a physical aircraft.

The Aircraft

The aircraft we fly is the Aero Vodochody L-39C Albatros. A small, lightweight, two seat, tandem jet trainer that is is well known for its maneuverability and simplicity. While an excellent aerobatic platform, the L-39 is a challenging aircraft to master in formation because of its very slow throttle response and very direct, cable operated flight controls. These traits make the pilot have to master throttle control, energy management and have a very light yet precise touch to fly a steady formation. Regardless of the difficulty, we have all fallen in love with this aircraft. We enjoy the challenge of attempting to master this plane and the joy when you get it right.

The Show

All of our routines are designed around what we refer to as the "fundamentals of formation flying". We focus on constantly striving to master the fundamentals of maintaining proper reference lines, efficient rejoins and effective communication. All of our maneuvers are designed to use these simple fundamentals and link them together into a smooth, exciting show.